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Some projects in which I have collaborated.


Senior Character Animator

Dragon Rider

Senior Character Animator

HAPPY! Season 2

Character Animator

Animal Crackers

Character Animator


Character Animator

The Lighthouse of the Whales

Creature Animator

Iqbal, a Tale of a Fearless Child

Character Animator

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2

Character Animator


Own project


Some companies with wich I have collaborated


    Character Animator


    I worked here as Freelance Character Animator.


    SENIOR Character Animator

    Madrid, Spain.

    I worked here as Senior Character Animator on the "Dragon Rider" movie and on the "Lemon" shortmovie.


    Character Animator

    Glasgow, United Kingdom.

    I worked here as Character Animator on the "HAPPY!: Season 2" TV Serie


    Lead Character Animator

    Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain.

    I worked here as here on several project.

    I started as Senior Character Animator but I was promoted to Lead Character Animator.




    I was teacher on the module 2 full and module 4 on the pantomime part

  • blue dream studios spain

    Mid Character animator

    Valencia, Spain.

    I worked here as Character Animator on the "Animal Crackers" movie on site and freelance.

  • render area

    Freelance Character/Creature Animator

    Madrid, Spain.

    I have collaborated with them on several projects as a Freelance Character and Creature Animator.

    Among them "The Lighthouse of the Whales" movie.

  • the thinklab

    Junior/Mid Character Animator

    Madrid, Spain.

    I started to work here as Junior Character Animator on the "Deep" movie and a few months later I was promoted to Mid Character Animator.

  • 2d3d animations

    FREELANCE Character Animator

    Angulema, Francia.

    I collaborated as Freelance Character Animator on the "Iqbal, a Tale of a Fearless Child" movie.

  • mercurysteam

    Character Animator (Cinematics)

    Madrid, Spain.

    I worked here as Character Animator (keyframe animation and motion capture) in the Cinematics department on the "Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2" videogame.

  • 3d2dfrente

    3D Animator

    Madrid, Spain.

    I collaborated as 3D animator on the bumpers for "Boing" TV channel.

  • monigotes estudios 2.0

    3D Generalist

    Madrid, Spain.

    I did my first internship here right at the end of my studies as 3D generalist. I collaborated on several projects while I was producing my degree final project "Caveman", under Vittorio Pirajno y Francisco Alvarez supervision.



Ángel Gironda

Character Animator


I'm passionate about my job. I consider it my vocation and I always try to give my best in each project. I love to pay attention to the details.

I like teamwork because you can exchange knowledge among your colleges. I really love both taking advantage of others knowledge, and offering others the possibility to learn from my background.

I am an enthusiastic and I like to confront new challenges in order to promote progress and increase my knowledge.


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